Jordan Rosenow’s use of raw materials in her minimalist sculptures merge foundational elements typically used to solidify permanent structures. By employing these materials in the context of an art exhibition, Rosenow disrupted the mystique of art object production, similar to a Duchampian approach. The precarious positioning of these co-dependant forms evoked sentiments related to the instability of subjective classi cation or perceived order. Our relation to others, personal experience, and our response to struggle transforms the way we classify our temporary position. Through this lens the sculptures can be viewed as amalgamations signifying unfixed systems. Structurally the co-dependant sculptures are sound, but also leave the mind wondering what one less nail or half a centimeter of difference in positioning would mean for each form. In this sense, the sculptures permit vulnerability—similar to Rosenow’s performance series Labor Duets. The series included two men standing back to back, relying on each other’s movements to reposition a stack of bricks, and two women back to back—twisting, turning, and leaning on each other to stack a set of 2x4 beams. An additional performance titled Measure Twice followed. This included five performers independently using their hands and arms to measure the inner perimeter of gallery three’s walls, calling out their numerical measurement as reference points. Here, the idea as performative action proved to be a conceptualization of how one confronts struggle, as a way to gain a sense of control or understanding. 

- Elijah Rankin, 3x5 Publication

Stacked and Bent

Exhibition at The Soap Factory as part of the 3x5 Residency Program, 2016