Choreography and Co-direction for River Neva, a Music Video for XUXA SANTAMARIA's 2019 album Chancletas D'Oro

See The Fader premiere and watch the music video here


 Outdoor sculpture and site-specific performance series at Lynden Sculpture Garden, Milwaukee WI. On view Jan 26 - April 26, 2019

From the 2019 album Chancletas D'Oro (Ratskin Records) 

In River Neva, the International Women’s Day March in 1917 which kickstarted the Russian Revolution and the massacre on Bloody Sunday over a decade earlier drift into each other; the song imagines the marches morphing into a psychedelic battleground on a frozen river covered with blood.

Direction: Sofia Córdova + Matthew Gonzalez Kirkland (Director of photography)

Choreography + Co-direction : Jordan Rosenow


Karah Collins

Sofia Córdova

Katrina Matejcik

Jahnavi Nayar

Nina Potepam

Jordan Rosenow

Christina Victor

Alexa West

Baille Younkman