The one-hour program presented the latest films and videos by artists from Minneapolis. It provides an insight into the diverse art scene and a cross-media approach to the moving image. The content of the works on display deal with monuments of American history, the body in relation to the built or social space as well as poetic  imagery. The event was curated by the artist Jordan Rosenow from Minneapolis, working on a scholarship under the WorkART Kunstverein Fellowship program at the Bielefelder Kunstverein .

With works by : John Fleischer, Sam Hoolihan, Chris Larson, Scott Nedrelow, Kevin Obsatz, Jordan Rosenow, and Katy Vonk

Von Minneapolis nach Bielefeld. 7 Filme. 7 K√ľnstlerInnen

Bielefelder Kunstverein. Bielefeld, Germany 

‚ÄčJuly 12, 2015. 6-8pm