a gradient and overlap
    a focus on material and proximity
        a leaning on the space
             a dance
               a twisted function
                   a bend
               a play of wind and light
            a sculpture
        a construct

how close can you get?

Opening night performance photography by Ben Lansky co The White Page

Comfortably Close

Solo exhibition at The White Page, Minneapolis MN. On view November 28 - December 9th, 2018

Opening night performance featuring Katrina Matejick and Lara Mimosa Montes.

Costumes by Katrina Matejick

In gallery performances each day at 4pm
Thursday, Nov. 29:   Kaya Lovestrand
Friday, Nov 30:         Judy Lue Choy
Saturday, Dec. 1:      Malakai Greiner & Michael Lonchar
Sunday, Dec 2:         Treeya Brooks
Each day:                 Jordan Rosenow