Comfortably Close

Solo exhibition at The White Page, Minneapolis MN. On view November 28 - December 9th, 2018

a gradient and overlap
    a focus on material and proximity
        a leaning on the space
             a dance
               a twisted function
                   a bend
               a play of wind and light
            a sculpture
        a construct

how close can you get?

Opening night performance featuring Katrina Matejick and Lara Mimosa Montes.

Costumes by Katrina Matejick

In gallery performances each day at 4pm
Thursday, Nov. 29:   Kaya Lovestrand
Friday, Nov 30:         Judy Lue Choy
Saturday, Dec. 1:      Malakai Greiner & Michael Lonchar
Sunday, Dec 2:         Treeya Brooks
Each day:                 Jordan Rosenow

Opening night performance photography by Ben Lansky co The White Page