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Performance at the Walker Art Center as part of Terrace Thursdays: Summer Muses. June  28th, 2018. 6-10 PM

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"Summer Muses brings new sounds and new vibes that will get your creative juices flowing. Music from City Counselor, Nadine, and Hello Psychaleppo fills the summer sky all night long. Plus, artist Jordan Rosenow shares new performances as you delve into your own art project with Isa Gagarin." -  Walker Art Center

Encounter unfixed performances concentrated on proximity, slowness, and the tension between bodies and sculpture. Performers include Holo Lue Choy, Lauren Coleman, Caitlin Dippo, Malakai Greiner, Katrina Matejcik, Amal Rogers, Jordan Rosenow, and Joél Valdez. Costumes by Katrina Matejcik in conversation with Isa Gagarin.

Art: Isa Gagarin
6–10 pm
Terrace 2

Performances: Jordan Rosenow
6:30–9:30 pm
All Terraces

Music: Nadine
6:30 pm
Terrace 1

Music: City Counselor
7:30 pm
Garden Terrace Room

Music: Hello Psychaleppo
8:30 pm
Terrace 3