Featuring work by Kim Benson, Cameron Downey, John Fleischer, Ryan Fontaine, Isa Gagarin, Emmett Ramstad, and Jordan Rosenow 

The seven visual artists included in HAIRandNAILS at 9 Herkimer Place have lived or still live in Minneapolis. All have strong midwestern roots. Perhaps because of this, there is a commonality to the work that results in a cohesive collection of sculptural objects and paintings in conversation with each other, but also with the entire space. 9 Herkimer Place’s unique structural characteristics are embraced and augmented, new surfaces appear and others are transformed, the visitor enveloped in a fully charged environment. The space consists of colorful paintings and sculptures that are minimalist and fiercely textured compositions making claims on entire sections of wall. Thru all of this, the body is on display, directly and abstractly thru strange, kinetic assemblage systems and thru weekly performance that will occur throughout the run of the show. We hope to see you there.

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​Image featuring Jordan Rosenow courtesy of 9 Herkimer Pl

Movement by Jordan Rosenow
Sound by John Fleischer
Costumes by Katrina Matejcik 

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Hair & Nails Gallery at 9 Herkimer Pl

Group exhibition presented at 9 Herkimer Pl. Brooklyn, NY

​On view May 5th – June 16th, 2019